Clerk: Mrs Caroline Holgate
Hunsbury Library
Overslade Close
East Hunsbury

Volunteering is a key part of our local community. Since 2019 we have worked to develop our Volunteer base, and expanded outwards to encourage people to volunteer for other local organisations as well.

East Hunsbury Litter Pickers - we have recruited and provided equipment to support this thriving local group. 85 households now regularly pick in the area, -some focus on their own streets or local park, whilst others like to take part in community picks as a group. The Parish Council have funded litter picking equipment for all of our local schools.

At a meeting held on 16th November 2021, East Hunsbury Parish Council declared a climate emergency, and green initiatives, such as litter campaigns, have become even more important.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact our Community Projects officer.

ALSO - look out on Facebook for East Hunsbury Litter Pickers. This page is operated by volunteers, and is a great way to find out what is happening.

What a difference our local litter team makes!

Our wonderful Litter Pickers come in all ages and sizes!

The Gardening Friends with Hunsbury Library - as a development of our wildflower project, we have partnered with Hunsbury library to create a gardening project. We recruit local volunteers with a passion for planting, or who like to tidy up! This includes groups from our local schools who help with community bulb planting.

With a grant from the Parish Council and donations from both Tesco and Waitrose (local shops), our volunteers started by replanting and restoring the raised bed at the Library. Totally unloved for years, this now is a lovely focus. We continue in to 2022 with bulb planting and plans for woodland planting. Moving in to springtime, our focus will move to wildflowers.

Raised bed at the Library - newly created in 2021