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Public Consultation now open on Northampton Local Plan

Northampton Borough Council has launched the latest consultation on its Local Plan Part 2 and is urging residents of the borough to consider responding.

The document sets out the planning framework for the borough until 2029 including allocation of sites felt appropriate for development.

As part of the Local Plan Part 2, there is a requirement to deliver 18,870 new homes and make a significant contribution to the creation of 28,500 new jobs.

The original version was published in 2019 and extensive feedback from the public and other stakeholders resulted in additional refinement.

Cllr James Hill, Cabinet Member for planning, said: "We will be consulting on this document for the next six weeks and it is vital that people take that opportunity to comment.

"We've identified areas within the borough that could see development in the coming years and communities will be affected by that.

"It is important to remember that the contents of the document can only be challenged on whether the plan is sound and legally compliant, it's not enough that people just don't wish to development in their area.

"Of course, some developments will be enthusiastically welcomed by those living nearby and we're interested to hear that feedback too.

"I know people often feel that local government consultation is just a formality and that decisions have already been taken, but that's not the case at all.

"We made radical changes to the plan based on comments we received during the last round of consultation so it is worth people also responding this time."

The consultation is available online at and we will also have a dedicated terminal within the Guildhall One-stop Shop for those who don't have the technology to access the documents at home.

Posted: Mon, 13 Jul 2020 09:37 by Caroline Holgate

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