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Hunsbury Library
Overslade Close
East Hunsbury


Flooding is becoming a more common occurrence in our communities, and households should be prepared so that they can protect themselves in the event of a flooding emergency.

West Northamptonshire Council have a wealth of information available to householders in their Flood Toolkit and through the RAIN project will actively engage with residents at risk to help them prepare and protect themselves and their property.

East Hunsbury Parish Council has been participating in the Pathfinder III project, which aims to facilitate community-led improvements in resilience and preparedness amongst communities at risk of surface water flooding in Northamptonshire, complementing other flood risk management activities. This is a two year project (2019 – 2021) for 30 communities funded by the Anglian Northern Regional Flood and Coastal Committee. It will focus on urban settlements, as well as business town centres. The Project builds on Pathfinder 2 which worked with 30 communities over the past three years.

Pathfinder III was delayed due to Covid, but work has resumed in 2022.

The parish council are working on an emergency plan which will be published widely when available.

The final report from the Pathfinder III project is due to be published soon - this document will be useful for households to formulate their own flood response measures, and for the parish council to agree flood mitigation responses and applying for funding.

Flood Wardens needed for East Hunsbury - could you help?

The parish council have recruited three flood wardens for East Hunsbury, who have received training and are equipped to respond in the first instances of flooding events in the parish.

If you are interested in volunteering as a flood warden please get in touch.

Flood Wardens are volunteers who help their communities to become more resilient and to be prepared for flooding. They do this by:

  • monitoring the condition of drains, culverts and other watercourses and reporting defects or blockages
  • raising local awareness of flood risk
  • passing on flood alerts and warnings
  • providing relevant agencies with local information during a flood event.

Full training, equipment, and support is provided.

If you are interested in getting involved or would like to find out more, please get in touch.

Flood Warning Area

Parts of East Hunsbury are affected by the flood warning area in place for Wootton Brook.

Flood Investigation Reports

When incidents of flooding occur, Northamptonshire County Council are required to commission a report to identify the contributing factors to the incident, and any mitigation measures that can be made.

Other useful information