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Hunsbury Library
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East Hunsbury


The Precept is the element of your Council Tax that is paid to East Hunsbury Parish Council.

East Hunsbury Parish Council has a statutory duty to prepare a budget which forms the basis of our precept demand. West Northamptonshire Council collect the precept on our behalf through your Council Tax, together with the money they collect for other organisations to pay for services that will benefit the whole of West Northamptonshire such as Police and Fire Services. All of the different elements that make up your Council Tax will be shown on your bill, including the proportion of your bill that goes to the parish council.

The Resources Committee consider the draft budget carefully to ensure that it is realistic and meets the needs of the parish council, so that we can deliver services and events for East Hunsbury. This year the Committee were particularly mindful of the current economic situation and the financial pressures on the community, balanced against the increasing costs faced by the parish council.

For the year 2023/24 the Parish Council has agreed a total budget expenditure of £278,652, although it has demanded a precept of £225,500 with the balance coming from income received and general reserve funds.

Using these figures, a property in Band D will pay £65.23 towards the precept - that's around 18 pence a day.

Financial Documents - Year Ending 31st March 2024

Financial Documents - Year Ending 31st March 2023

Financial Documents - Year Ending 31st March 2022

Financial Documents - Year Ending 31st March 2021

Financial Documents - Year Ending 31st March 2020

Financial Documents - Year Ending 31st March 2019

Financial Documents - Year Ending 31st March 2018

Financial Regulations

Council Assets

By a transfer of assets from Northampton Borough Council to East Hunsbury Parish Council on 31st March 2021, the parish council were transferred the following assets:

Blacky More Community Centre
Blacky More open space
Penvale Park
Grangewood Park


The council does not have any employees who are paid over £50,000 per annum.

Payment schedules

Copies of Payment Schedules which give details about each item of expenditure, are available in our document management system (DMS). You can set the filter to select documents of interest.

As a parish council we strive to be open and transparent, and so you will also be able to find copies of our internal documents on this website. If you are looking for something in particular and need assistance, please contact our Clerk.